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Tree Service Beware!


My first tree trimming experience involved a homeless looking guy with a huge, gray beard. Now, I know this may sound somewhat politically incorrect but I simply had a bad feeling about it. The guy seemed like a fly by night type of tree trimming service. So, with all that being said, I want to share my experience and warn others out there about scammy tree service providers.

Does the Tree Service Drive a Truck?

I know this sounds somewhat obvious, but I big warning sign is when they pull up in a van or, in my case, a huge station wagon. Once again, I feel pretty ridiculous for not seeing this upfront but the guy seemed pretty solid and immediately got to work trimming my trees and hauling stuff to his station wagon.

So, here’s the kicker! The dude said he was halfway done and it was getting dark. Was it okay if he left his chainsaw in the front by our garage door and will be back tomorrow to finish the job? Well, I said to myself, “a chainsaw is pretty decent collateral and it’s the backbone of his business, so surely he will show up tomorrow.” Of course, we had an infant at the time and I think he noticed that and took advantage of it! I certainly wasn’t capable of standing outside to watch his every move. I just peeked out the window to observe him trimming every now and then and watched him finish up the last tree.

Next thing I knew, he was loading his station wagon to the hilt and drove off. I never even considered double-checking to make sure he actually left his tree trimming and removal specialty chainsaw! And, sure enough, he did NOT leave it behind. Wow, was this frustrating. I really felt duped.

So the next day comes and he never shows up. I called and got a voicemail of course. I actually recall calling his phone over a dozen times over the course of a week and finally, one day, his daughter answers. I gave her an earful but nothing ever came of it.

So, moral of the story is that if you need some sort of local tree service such as an Austin tree trimming company, most definitely do not respond to someone who knocks on your door! Or, to put it another way, if someone solicits you to trim your trees, don’t respond. Get online and do your upfront research to determine a trustworthy and dependable service company to utilize and beware of the hacks out there.

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