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Seasonal Recommendations for Trimming Your Trees


Your shade trees provide a great space to relax in the yard and chat with friends, or recline and read a book. But if your trees are getting a bit out of hand and could use a little trimming, it may be time to consider professional tree trimming. Before you decide to hire someone, though, its best to do a little research. Look up the company that you are considering and read their reviews, verify their Better Business Bureau status, and read a bit about their standards. Even better if you can approach them already knowing exactly what you want, which you can when you know the seasonal recommendations for trimming your trees.

In the spring and summer, it is best to only trim trees if it is necessary. For instance, if the tree branches are hitting your windows or interfering with the neighbor’s lawn, by all means trim them down. Just be careful not to cut too much and hurt the tree or the life it supports.

It is always best to trim your trees in the fall or winter. This allows you to wait for the birds and other natural inhabitants of the trees to move further south before you possibly destroy their homes. Waiting until your trees are dormant, and the leaves falling or gone can mean housing birds, squirrels, and insects just a bit longer and keeping the natural ecosystem steady.

When trimming the trees in your yard, try to thin the branches enough to leave healthy room for growth, but not so much that your trees are barren. Finding the right balance between these two requires an eye for detail as well as experience. You can trim the trees to appear as a ball, making lower branches shorter than taller branches, or you can trim the tree just enough to make room for new growth. It is also important to consider how your local service such as tree trimming Austin companies approach these techniques since a level of care is quite important.

Trimming your trees in winter means your tree will bloom healthy and full in the spring. With abundant life and plenty of food to feed the flowers or fruits of the trees, your plants will come back with a vengeance, giving your yard a full, pleasant appearance that is natural to both the tree life and the ecosystem around.

Knowing all of this allows you to search for tree trimming services that know the same. Remember to do your research and choose a reliable, knowledgeable company for your tree trimming and removal needs.

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