Seasonal Recommendations for Trimming Your Trees


Your shade trees provide a great space to relax in the yard and chat with friends, or recline and read a book. But if your trees are getting a bit out of hand and could use a little trimming, it may be time to consider professional tree trimming. Before you decide to hire someone, though, its best to do a little research. Look up the company that you are considering and read their reviews, verify their Better Business Bureau status, and read a bit about their standards. Even better if you can approach them already knowing exactly what you want, which you can when you know the seasonal recommendations for trimming your trees.

In the spring and summer, it is best to only trim trees if it is necessary. For instance, if the tree branches are hitting your windows or interfering with the neighbor’s lawn, by all means trim them down. Just be careful not to cut too much and hurt the tree or the life it supports.

It is always best to trim your trees in the fall or winter. This allows you to wait for the birds and other natural inhabitants of the trees to move further south before you possibly destroy their homes. Waiting until your trees are dormant, and the leaves falling or gone can mean housing birds, squirrels, and insects just a bit longer and keeping the natural ecosystem steady.

When trimming the trees in your yard, try to thin the branches enough to leave healthy room for growth, but not so much that your trees are barren. Finding the right balance between these two requires an eye for detail as well as experience. You can trim the trees to appear as a ball, making lower branches shorter than taller branches, or you can trim the tree just enough to make room for new growth. It is also important to consider how your local service such as Los Angeles Tree Service companies approach these techniques since a level of care is quite important.

Trimming your trees in winter means your tree will bloom healthy and full in the spring. With abundant life and plenty of food to feed the flowers or fruits of the trees, your plants will come back with a vengeance, giving your yard a full, pleasant appearance that is natural to both the tree life and the ecosystem around.

Knowing all of this allows you to search for tree trimming services that know the same. Remember to do your research and choose a reliable, knowledgeable company for your tree trimming and removal needs.

The Long Range Benefits Of Using A Tree Service


Trees in your yard enhances the beauty and functionality of your yard. Trees not only had a bit of color and texture to your yard, but also provide much needed shade, and a place to put up that tire swing. Which is why it is as important to properly care for your trees as it is for all those other plants on your property. Therefore, you will do well to hire a professional tree trimming company such as Los Angeles Tree Service to manage your tree services.

Pruning Enhances The Beauty And Safety Of Your Yard

Pruning your trees on an on needed basis enhances both the beauty of your tree and yard and the safety. Branches that overhang buildings on your property or power lines can easily break off in high winds or violent storms leaving you with hundreds and even thousands of dollars in property damage. You could also lose power and someone in your family could even suffer a serious injury if hit by a falling branch.

While in most cases, you can easily trim small trees on your own with a little know how, trimming those tall stately oaks without the right tools can be dangerous or even deadly. Hiring a tree service that is ensured, has the right tools to get the job done, and has the experience experts to do the job right can save you money while leaving your property safer and more beautiful than ever before at a very reasonable cost.

Tree Disease

Tree disease can happen anywhere at any time and can often result in thousands of dollars worth of dead trees that have to removed and destroyed. In addition, the loss of these trees can detract from the beauty and value of your property and cost you a bundle in replacement trees.

Hiring a tree service to periodically look over your trees so that catch any diseased tree before the disease becomes too pronounced can result in not only saving that tree, but surrounding trees as well. In addition, you are saved the cost of having to have dead trees removed from your property and replacing them with new healthy trees.

Making Your Property Safer

Hiring a tree service to inspect the trees on your property and prune, trim, and care for diseased trees will also make your property safer and more enjoyable. Falling branches can harm people, destroy property, and cause power outages that may end up costing you in a variety of ways besides just repair costs. Hospital bills from injuries sustained by falling branches or even falling trees can be high and in addition you may miss time at work or never be able to return. A good tree service professional to ensure that your trees are in good shape thus reducing the chances of any tree on your property causing damage to you or your property.

Most tree services charge very reasonable rates and when you compare these rates to replacing damaged trees or repairing property that has been damaged by falling limbs and trees you will see that tree services can really pay off in the long run.

Tree Service Beware!


My first tree trimming experience involved a homeless looking guy with a huge, gray beard. Now, I know this may sound somewhat politically incorrect but I simply had a bad feeling about it. The guy seemed like a fly by night type of tree trimming service. So, with all that being said, I want to share my experience and warn others out there about scammy tree service providers.

Does the Tree Service Drive a Truck?

I know this sounds somewhat obvious, but I big warning sign is when they pull up in a van or, in my case, a huge station wagon. Once again, I feel pretty ridiculous for not seeing this upfront but the guy seemed pretty solid and immediately got to work trimming my trees and hauling stuff to his station wagon.

So, here’s the kicker! The dude said he was halfway done and it was getting dark. Was it okay if he left his chainsaw in the front by our garage door and will be back tomorrow to finish the job? Well, I said to myself, “a chainsaw is pretty decent collateral and it’s the backbone of his business, so surely he will show up tomorrow.” Of course, we had an infant at the time and I think he noticed that and took advantage of it! I certainly wasn’t capable of standing outside to watch his every move. I just peeked out the window to observe him trimming every now and then and watched him finish up the last tree.

Next thing I knew, he was loading his station wagon to the hilt and drove off. I never even considered double-checking to make sure he actually left his tree trimming and removal specialty chainsaw! And, sure enough, he did NOT leave it behind. Wow, was this frustrating. I really felt duped.

So the next day comes and he never shows up. I called and got a voicemail of course. I actually recall calling his phone over a dozen times over the course of a week and finally, one day, his daughter answers. I gave her an earful but nothing ever came of it.

So, moral of the story is that if you need some sort of local tree service such as an Los Angeles Tree Service company, most definitely do not respond to someone who knocks on your door! Or, to put it another way, if someone solicits you to trim your trees, don’t respond. Get online and do your upfront research to determine a trustworthy and dependable service company to utilize and beware of the hacks out there.

Tree Trimming Safety


Having trees on your property can be a wonderful thing. When properly maintained they enhance the look of the place. On hot days they can provide much needed shade. And they also increase the value of your home. However, they must also be taken care of on a regular basis. And you must be aware of any existing problems the tree may have, many of which are not visible to the naked untrained eye.

One of the most important parts of maintaining your trees will be to have them trimmed on a regular and as needed basis. Now, there are two ways in which you can go about this. You can hire a professional such as Los Angeles Tree Service who does this kind of stuff day in and day out or do it yourself. Many folks opt to take care of it personally, figuring that they are not only saving money, but that the job is not exactly rocket science. However, do be advised, there are precautions you must take.

Tree Trimming Precautions

The first precaution that needs to be mentioned is power lines. If the part of the tree you are trimming is near power lines, you must be aware that all power lines are live and energized. This calls for you to stay a safe distance away from them when trimming, 15 feet the recommended space. If possible, you should see if there is any way you can have the lines de-energized. This may require speaking to a utility company.

If you are going to be using a chainsaw, make sure you never re-fuel it while it is still hot. And this goes without saying but still needs to be mentioned; never smoke or re-fuel when you are near sources that could ignite. Other advisories are do not trim trees when there are high winds in the forecast. And also if there are chances of thunderstorms and lightning. Even if there is a small possibility of any of these situations, it is better to postpone the tree trimming. Also, do not neglect looking up all the information you can on proper and safe tree trimming methods.

Make sure you are adequately clothed; preferably with padded or insulated clothing in the event you were to fall or come in contact with something that could injure you. Tree trimming is serious business and should be viewed as such. Follow the above recommended guidelines and you should be okay. However, once again it is worth mentioning that the time saved and risk reduction of a professional tree service company to handle your tree trimming needs is probably worth the investment and is definitely valuable to consider.

Value of a Tree Service Company


One of the greatest sources of beauty for a homeowner’s property is often the trees that grace the landscape, be it front yard or back. But they can also be a source of frustration, especially if one doesn’t know how to deal with issues that inevitably come up with trees. However, it doesn’t have to be that way. Problems relating to trees can easily be solved by utilizing the services of a trained professional.

Now, you could forgo the cost of hiring a regional provider such as an Los Angeles Tree Service company and do it yourself. However, there are a lot of things that can go wrong with this approach. You could wind up doing more harm than good. And on top of that, it can be downright unsafe in some circumstances. Especially if the tree has branches near power lines or it is the time of year when the weather is not exactly cooperative.

And truth be told, hiring a tree service company may actually save you money in the long run. How is that you wonder? Well, often the frustrated homeowner just says “to heck with it” and decides to have the problematic tree cut down and removed.

Then guess what? They have to shell out big money if they elect to replace it with a new tree or trees. A skilled professional can keep you from having to go through all that costly hassle.

For one, that tree you think is sick and dying and has to go? Well, a tree service company may find that is not the case. They will be able to tell if it is just a maintenance and upkeep issue that calls for keeping the tree’s health up to par. Okay now, with all that said, you are then left with how to go about finding a good reputable tree service company.

There are various ways of doing this. You could talk to family, friends and even neighbors and see if they have a good tree expert that they work with. You could also check your local phone directory along with scout out online reviews of prospective tree service companies. As with most anything else, just do your due diligence and proper research and you should be able to find a good tree professional.

So, before you go getting rid of trees that you think are beyond repair or trying to go about dealing with them yourself, consult with a professional tree service company and see what they have to offer. It may be one of the wisest things you do as a homeowner.